SPOKEN WORD: Winter Reflections

Winter Break is a rejuvenating time for some and a trialing time for others when it comes to a college student’s faith. Seasons, where we are “stretched” in our growth as young adults, can be painful, but at the same time calming as we are called to new heights to be better versions of ourselves. This spoken word speaks about the hardships of being refined by God, but the steadfast faithfulness He supplies us with along the way.


Winter Reflection



Stretched is how I feel

Its how I kneel

And it’s the physical feeling of ostracizing my ignorance

To learn what  is and what is not real

There’s a pleasure in letting go

Of what’s grown old

But at the same time, there’s comfort

In staying trapped inside this old mold

Of me

I need to see

The truth that’s cleansing everything

It’s transforming me

From a thorned and empty seed

To integeress life led by victory

So I give you this,

This is my ugly

It’s all I have to bring

But you meet me

With more value than any lottery prize or the credibility.

That’s why I feel free

To be who I want to be

Not to prove a point to anyone

But rather show everyone the person who made me

But I’m still in need

Because Lord knows I can sow my seeds

But I can not grow

And I will not know

My purpose

Until I’m watered

By the gardener who planted me.

I give you my ugly

In exchange for no fee

Other than the words

That says “I love you too, and you can trust me.”

Still, I fall down every day and I’m speechless of what words I could try to formulate

to say

There’s such a vast array

But each word I speak it seems so Frayed

Like wire that splits and circuits that quit 

A waterless fall an unformed cascade

But  the more I’ve tried to push you away and away

Is the more I’ve realized that I’ve grown afraid.

But throughout all the whirl

I feel as If I’m curled

Into your fate, when you say

“Child get up, smile, and take heart for I have overcome the world.”

So I’ve been stretched and these are my sicknesses and cowers

But I will boast in these weaknesses because it displays your true power

So In these hours of hardships, I will not choose to falter

But I’ll praise you for grace and lift these hands at the altar.






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