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How do I share my story on Learn How To Walk?

You can either fill out the form above or send an email to Please include your name and a short synopsis of your story. DISCLAIMER: Before reaching out, think to yourself “have I really overcome this obstacle?” Some stories are not finished and have yet to conclude in victory. If that’s you, dont worry or feel discouraged! Your story is still developing and we can’t wait to see it/share it unfold! (:

Is Learn How To Walk ran by professional counselors?

No, Learn How To Walk is strictly a mental health AWARENESS website and not a website for people seeking medical attention. If you or a loved one are looking for professional help, feel free to click on the “Get Help” page which features a variety of different websites whith professional help and counsel.

Is Learn How To Walk a Christian organization?

The quick answer is yes, but we are accepting of all people from all different backgrounds and faiths. Morally we stand with the Christian faith and it’s teachings on love and bringing up one another, but Learn How To Walk is a website where any person of any religious background can come to regardless of their beliefs.